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Barriers & Opportunities

The true self with all its barriers and opportunities is the theme that in some way penetrates everything I explore within my art.

I am fascinated by those barriers we build around us to protect ourselves from the external pressure of the environment. I am equally fascinated by the barriers the environment builds to close out anything that it finds disturbing.

Lowering these barriers and increasing opportunities by making art more accessible is very important to me. My aim to make art that is both multisensory and accessible for everyone. Being visually impaired, my visual art is largely done by feel and I create my art taking the viewers tactile sense into consideration.

kuva: Pirita Torvi

Interchangeable Art

Music and creative, free flowing movement and dance are an inseparable part of my work. Although I have only had artistic guidance in visual arts and creative writing. I found a way to work interchangeably within all the different styles of art when I was studying Expressive Arts Therapy in Inartes Institute in 2001-03. Still today, I rejoice in how this course changed my views about creativity and the togetherness of all different forms of art and expression.

Regardless of the form of art I am creating, free flowing movement before working opens up those squeaky, rusted gates to the creative energies through which the medium, be it words, visual art, clay or shattered glass will start to take shape. I am forever seeking for new and different music and melodies to encourage me to create exactly what I am needed to voice out and create.